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oceans&afterlife - meet you across the sea my love I'm just a siha trying to figure out how I want to live my life. I'm trying to better myself, and keep my depression and chronic pain in check, but it isn't easy. here you'll find posts related to video games - specifically a lot of Thane Krios and Mass Effect, various fandoms, movies, chronic illness (crps) shenanigans and rants, crafty or cosplay stuff, cute animals, feminism and lgbt, cool space and science stuff, the odd makeup or ootd photos, random selfies, and things I find meaningful or funny. and my ask is always open!

These are photos that I took on the way to Tofino, August 2, 2011. The trees are from the old growth forest near Port Alberni, BC. And the last photo is of a hyroglif on the side of a big rock near a lake also near Port Alberni, BC.

Actual photos of Tofino, BC will be next! They’re all photos of Long Beach, I’m pretty sure. 

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